AL Rawafed Company for Food Industries and Juice is a leading manufacturer in food industry and concentrated drinks in the Middle East. It has been established since 1960.
The Company is located in Nablus –Palestine.

AL Rawafed company imports, produces and supplies full range of food products for household , confectioneries and bakeries.

The company produces more than 30 well known food products in Palestine using the most advance machinery and packing technology . All our products are prepared from ingredients listed as GRA (Generally Recognized As Safe) by the FDA and they are complied with the international standards
and regulations.

Nine production lines are present in the company:

1- Products for preparation of dessert dishes.

2- Products for preparation of food dishes.

3- Concentrated fruit drinks

4- Instant hot drinks

5- Nutritional food for babies

6- Colors for desserts and drinks

7- Flavors for desserts and drinks.

8- Natural oils and herbals extracts

9- Raw materials for food industries